viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014

Leyla Yunus arretée et torturée par le Régime d´Azerbaidjan

Azerbaïdjan. Leyla Yunus en danger : lettre ouverte au Président de la République française

Dimanche 21 septembre 2014 - Sylvie Lasserre

Leila Yunus, l'une des défenseurs des droits de l'homme les plus actives en Azerbaïdjan, a été arrêtée sur de présumées fausses charges. Sa famille craint pour sa santé. Elle serait torturée. Sa fille, Dinara Yunusova, m'a communiqué cette lettre ouverte au Président. Merci à vous aussi si vous pouvez la diffuser.

To the President of France,
His Excellency Mr. Hollande
Dear Mr. President,

As co-chairman of OSCE Minsk Group, France, already for 20 years, is putting huge efforts for peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict, for achieving the peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia. And now, exactly You will organize the meeting of Azerbaijan and Armenian presidents in the coming days. But to what extent to believe in sincerity of Ilham Aliyev, to his aspiration for the peace? Aliyev not only started big inhuman propaganda of war in Azerbaijan, but he also put the leading activists of people’s diplomacy into the prison in Azerbaijan.

Since its establishment in 1995, our Institute for Peace and Democracy is working in people’s diplomacy field, achievement of peace. In 2012 we created unique joint Azerbaijan-Armenian website, where open dialogs take place by representatives of civil society journalists of both countries, students, youths, that were born and grew up in the conflict conditions…

And on April 19th this year, Rauf Mirkadirov, well-known journalist, activist of public diplomacy gets arrested on the charge of treason in favor of Armenia. On July 30th I get arrested, and on August 5th my husband Arif gets arrested. All of us, supporters of peace settlement of Karabakh conflict are charged with treason in favor of Armenia. Against me tortures are being used…

On May 12th this year I had opportunity to see You in French Embassy during your visit to Baku. I thought naively that the leaders of countries of the Western democracies will exert every efforts to avert, to stop the wave of repressions against freedom of thought and human rights, unfolded in Azerbaijan. In the beginning of August after my arrest I’ve sent to You a letter through French Embassy, in which I asked You to pay attention on the severe repressions, that were gaining strength in Azerbaijan. I know that addressee received the letter.

I don’t know how much time my health will let me stay in solid mind and sober memory, here in prison they are doing everything possible, tortures, to destroy me.., but I hope that my this letter will be heard.

Authoritarian regime in Azerbaijan that is supported by OSCE, European Union and Council of Europe destroys not only the future of Azerbaijan population, and our country, but also destroys the peaceful development in whole South Caucasus. Today about 120 prisoners of conscience are in Aliyev’s dungeons, where they are exposed to any kinds of humiliations, and tortures.

Mr. Hollande when you will be shaking hands with Ilham Aliyev during your meeting, please remember that those hands are soaked in the blood and tears of the hundreds of fighters for human rights and for freedom of thought, including the members of my family.


Knight of the Legion of Honor,
Winner of Theodore-Hacker Prize

Leyla Yunus
16 September 2014